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The Factor’s Long Sleeve Shirt in Solaro Wool fabric combines Factor’s original round-point collar, single-panel construction, and premium materials to create a shirt that is both minimal and refined. 


This super lightweight wool solaro fabric from Japan is quite incredible. It's has so many color in one that will be the funky shirt to go with everything and on its own. 


Factor's LS Shirt in Salmon/Teal Solaro Wool Voile

    • Factor’s Rounded Collar 

    • Non-Yoke, Single Panel Back 

    • Turnback Placket 

    • Elongated Side Swoop 

    • Trocas Pearl Buttons 

    • Unisex, Available XS – XXL 

    • 74% Wool / 26% Poly

    • Perennial Wear

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